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Proud Prince
Very dark golden palomino Mountain Pleasure (KMSHA eligible) gelding by Moon, out of Gingersnap.  Nice way of going with excellent head carriage, and a solid white long flowing mane.
Sold to Spring Grove, PA
First Class Drifter
Rocky Mountain gelding by Sam'sons First Choice, out of Dee Dancer.   Nice conformation and easy gait.
Sold to Ontario, Canada
Mt. View Leslie
Sooty palomino mare by MP/KM Stallion Buddy, out of a KM Mare. 
Sold to McDermott, OH
Beauty Ridge Trick
Born 5/17/02  By Spider's Trick(by Spider), Out of Gold's Red Glow(by Goldfinger).  Palomino gelding with loads of personality. 
Sold to Ontario, Canada
B&Js Rastus
Chestnut Mountain Pleasure (Kentucky Mountain eligible) gelding by Star Fleet Commander (by Joker), out of Elvira. Born 4/16/02.  Very nicely made with great conformation.  Trail broke and doing good. Excellent show prospect.
Sold to PA
Leanna's Cloud Dust
Palomino Kentucky Mountain Saddle gelding by White Cloud(by Goldfinger) and Lady in Red.  Born 7/2/02.  Very easy going with a great gait.  
Sold to McDermott, OH
Ashley Moon
Chestnut Kentucky Mountain filly with a flaxen mane and tail by Moon and out of a Nuncio(Rocky) mare.  Extremely smooth and a beautiful mover.  Born 6/2/02.  
Sold to Chillicothe, OH
Eclair's Butterscotch
Buckskin Mountain Pleasure mare by White Cloud(by Goldfinger) and out of Chocolate Eclair.  Born 6/21/02. 
Sold to the Shady Creek Farm, South Shore, KY
Mountain Cowboy
KMSHA  15.2 Red Roan Stallion.  By Levi, out of Jenny's Jewel.  Born 6/ 20 /00.  Very managable young stallion.  Ridden many trail miles in all types of conditions.  Proven in every way.  Everyone on the trail thinks he is a gelding.  Great headset and gait.
Sold to Ontario, Canada
BRF Smokin Joe
KMSHA,RMHA FG  Dark Chocolate Stallion w/ four white socks,a blaze, and a solid white mane and tail. By Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain Horse Dixon's Smoking Coke, out of Delta's Grey Dawn.  Born 7/6/03 Very beautiful colt.  Broke to lead and handle.  Pictured here at 3 months
Sold at the Heritage Sale
Miss April Rain
Chocolate/Flax Filly born 4/13/04 by Barlow Chief out of Miss Little Rock.  Will make a good sized mare.  Exceptionally well gaited at birth. 
Sold to PA
Austin's Holly
Black & White Spotted Mountain Horse, 6 years old.  14.2H  Very well mannered.
Sold to Attica, New York
Cotton Pickin Ranger
By Cotton Pickin Clyde out of Nikki Jo BRF.  KMSHA Stallion born 5/17/04.  White socks and a blaze.  Excellent gait and loving attitude with a beautiful head and ears. 
Sold to Ontario, Canada
Moon Eyed Handsome
Born 4/20/04 By Mountain Pleasure/Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse "MOON", Out of Maytown Bride.  Blue eyed cremello stallion.  Gaiting up a storm.  Pictured at almost 3 months.
Sold to Ontario, Canada
Ironwork's Mountaineer
By grey Mountain Pleasure/Kentucky Mountain stallion Ironwork's, out of Rebel's Sugar.  Born June, 2004.  Excellent colt, already turning grey around the eyes and ears. 
Sold to PA
Delta's Grey Dawn
KMSHA 15 H grey mare. By Shaker, Out of Lazy L's Sugar.  Born 4/1/98 .Well broke, fast and smooth.  Been ridden in crowds, on roads, and around everything. Many trail miles. Been on the farm since birth.  Raised one foal by Dixon's Smoking Coke(Below)Currently open. 
Will be bred to HOT GOLD in May!!
Sold to Chillicothe, OH
Maytown Bride
KMSHA 15.2 Golden Palomino mare with four white stockings, a blaze, and a white mane & tail.  By Buckhorn Trigger, out of Neace's Rachel.  Born 5/1/99 Unbelievable temperment.  Beautiful mare with a natural high head.  Green broke.  Will be finished in 2004.
Sold to Garrison, KY
Buckskin Mountain Pleasure gelding born 4/10/97 by Gold Dust(by Goldfinger) and out of Kelly Blue(a Yankee mare).  Well broke and excellent temperment.  This is one of the smoothest horses that I have ever ridden. 
Sold to Englewood, Florida
King's Grey Lady
Very nicely made grey mare.  Foaled
6/28/02  By Siver King (by Soppy) and out of Roy's Duchess (A McCurdy Plantation mare)  Beautiful color.    
Sold to Attica, New York
Mister Cody's Color of Gold
Striking Palomino gelding by Mister Cody (2001 World Champion) and out of Piece of Gold (by Goldfinger)  Born 3/3/02.  Excellent gait and go anywhere attitude, lots of trail miles.
Sold to Rutherfordton, NC
Miss Little Rock
KMSHA 15.3 Black Roan mare with four white stockings and blaze.  By Shaker. Out of Bug's Abbey.  Shown here after a hard day's ride at Cave Run Lake.  Excellent mare.  Very smooth and fast with a great show quality head set and good animation and brio. 
Sold to Attica, NY
Rebel's Sugar
KMSHA 15.2 black roan mare with four white stockings and a blaze.  By Shaker, Out of Rebel.  Born  4/1/93  .Well broke, fast and smooth.  Been ridden more trail miles than you can count.  Good ladies horse. Anyone can ride.
Sold to Attica, NY
Mt. View Turbo
15.2 palomino gelding.  Very smooth gait and a lot of style.  Many trail miles. 
Sold to PA
Magic's Bold Jesture
Dark Chocolate/Flax gelding by Redbud's Majic(by Dock) and out of a Ramlin Rex/Yankee mare.  Born 4/10/01 Loads of mane and tail, excellent temperment.  Anyone can ride. 
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Sold to Ramona, CA
Beauty Ridge Duncan
15.1 Buckskin gelding by Silver King.  Very smooth and easy going.   
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Beauty Ridge Snyder
15.2 Chestnut gelding by a son of Wilson's Buck.  Great temperment and loves people. 
Sold to Attica, NY
Power Drive
Big 15.3 Chestnut Rocky Mountain/Kentucky Mountain gelding born 7/2/02.  By Buddy's Midnight Star(Buddy Little Cricket & Allens Morning Star by Tobe)  Naturally smooth gait.
Mountain Romeo
Dark golden Palomino gelding by Bryan's Romeo(A son of Cable's Rex) and out of Butterscotch.  Born 6/2/02.  Romeo is very easy going and has an excellent gait.  Many trail miles. 
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Sold to Lake Worth, FL.
Captain Chrome
Captain is a young chocolate and flax gelding by Captain Cosmos (by Blue Mountain Rumbo) and out of a Wilson's Buck mare.  He is registered Mountain Pleasure, Kentucky Mountain & Rocky Mountain pending.  He has an excellent gait and his temperment is unmatched. 
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Sold to Janetville, Ontario
Billy K.
Stunning black Mountain Pleasure gelding by Silver King, out of Royal Silk.  Born 4/15/01.  Excellent temperment and super smooth gait.
Sold to Charlottsville, VA
Cody's Sunbeam
Palomino stud colt by 2001 World Champion Mister Cody(by Buddy) and out of Goldfinger's Annie(by Goldfinger)  Born 6/3/03.  Excellent gait and temperment. 
Sold to Charlottsville, VA
Beauty Ridge Lora
Born 6/30/02  By Mr. Cody, Out of Lora(by Moon)  Beautiful Mountain Pleasure buckskin mare with great conformation and personality.
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Sold to Charlottsville, VA
Hacksaw's Mtn. Man
Chestnut Mountain Pleasure horse standing 15.3 by Hacksaw(by Chapel Road Champ)  and out of Velvet(by Rock(Tyra).   Born 5/3/01.  Great old mountain bloodlines.    Mtn. Man is a half brother to Cotton Pickin Clyde, Mountain Bourbon, and Ironworks. 
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Sold to Southshore, KY
Champagne Dream-
Ivory Champagne Mountain Pleasure Stallion.  This guy is very rare in mountain horses and will be a color producer.  He is sired by Moon and out of Summer Rain.  Currently standing 15.1.  Born 5/21/03.   Excellent four beat gait.
Sold to Attica, NY
Two Sock Charlie
Bay Mountain gelding with two hind socks by Mr. Magoo.   Old mountain bloodlines and a great gait. 
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Sold to Shippensburg, PA
Hot Gold
A 15.2 palomino gelding with four socks, a blaze, and a long flowing snow white mane and tail.  Loves to work or pull a buggy.  He displays outstanding gait, temperment, and conformation along with old time mountain bloodlines.  A winner in any circle and an excellent sure footed trail horse.
- 2005 World Championship 3-8 Stallion Performance
- 2005 Reserve World Champion Male Performance
- 1st Place 2004 World Championship 3-8 Halter Stallions
- 1st Place 2004 World Championship in Buggy
- 2nd Place 2004 World Championship 3-8 Stallion Performance
- 2004 Reserve World Champion Male Performance
- 2004 World Champion Male in Halter 
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Sold to Drums, PA
Beauty Ridge Rambler
A very unique buckskin or dun colored Kentucky Mountain gelding.  Born 4/2/01 by a son of Wilson's Buck.  Excellent mountain horse. 
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Sold to Buckner, MO
Royal King
A fine grey Mountain Pleasure gelding by Silver King (Old Soppy-Dock mare) and out of Avon's Pearl (Linden's Star).  He carries some very old mountain bloodlines that are evident in his gait and temperment.  He is a true mountain horse. 
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Sold to Newmarket, Ontario
Tuff Cat
True black Rocky Mountain gelding by Stoner Ridge Tom Cat(by Pete and a Dock mare).  15 Hands. Born 4/23/02.   Very nice smooth gait and great manners. 
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Sold to PA
Black Mountain Pleasure(Kentucky Mountain eligible) gelding by 2001 World Champion Mister Cody(by Buddy).  Born 6/10/01. Very willing and gentle with a smooth gait and nice head. 
Sold to PA
Man on the Moon
Bay Mountain Pleasure(eligible for RM) gelding with buckets full of mane.  Foaled 5/29/01  By Captain Cosmos(by Blue Mountain Rumbo)  out of a Moon Pie(by Moon). 
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Silver King's Sam
Buckskin gelding by Silver King (by Old Soppy) Very stylish and super smooth.  Sam loves the trails and does it all naturally with no effort. Broke to work and ride.
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Sold to IL.
Palomino Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain gelding born 5/18/01.  Trail broke gelding with an excellent gait.  By champion Merry Go Blue (by Blue Mountain Rumbo) and out of Charley's Sunshine (by Old Soppy). 
Sold to KY.

Photo Not Available

Beauty Ridge Bud
Chestnut mountain gelding born 4/13/03.  Loves the trails and goes where you point him.  Great gait and temperment. 
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Sold to PA.
Roma Chrome
Mountain Pleasure, Kentucky Mountain Colt born 7/8/06.  High headed, gaiting machine with white socks and a blaze.  Photos taken at 2 days old.  Sired by Romeo's Gold, out of a Tackett's Trigger (Cheek's Rocky) mare. 
Sold to Russell, KY.
Dark Spirit
Bay Mountain Pleasure gelding by champion Star Fleet Commander (by Joker) and out of Lady Bug (by Robin).  Born 4/24/03.  Great trail horse and a super smooth gait. 
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Sold to Olive Hill, KY.
Beauty Ridge Dillon
Very nice Palomino Mountain Pleasure Horse.  Born 4/15/04.  By 2001 World Grand Champion Mister Cody (by Buddy) and out of Avon's Pearl (by Linden's Star).  Extremely gentle colt that is willing to try anything.   
Sold to Charlottsville, VA.
Champagne Dream
Ivory Champagne stallion by Moon, out of Summer Rain. Excellent way of going, smooth gait and gentle disposition. Producing all shades of champagne.
Sold to PA..
Handsome Hose'
Dark palomino mountain gelding. Born 4/15/04. Great conformation.
Sold to PA.
Chester Dare
Beautiful chestnut mountain gelding with many trail miles and lots of chrome. Born 5/4/04.. 
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Sold to PA.
Apple Candy
Palomino mountain gelding. Born 5/1/04. By White Cloud (By Goldfinger). 
Sold to PA..
Extremely dark palomino stallion sired by the legendary Moon and out of Windbent's Birdie.  Old mountain bloodlines, great conformation and one of a kind temperment. Offered for Sale. Please email for price.
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Sold to Mahwah, N.J
Stunning black gelding by triple registered stallion Jim Bob (a Clemen's Tim grandson). Born 4/13/02. Nice quiet gelding with many trail miles and a smooth gait. Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain eligible.  $4,500